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JUSTITIA is an association of lawyers and law graduates registered under Societies registration Act. It was formed in the year 2009. The launching of its programs was inaugurated by the former Chief Justice of India, Mr. Justice Venkatachaliah.

The Objectives of JUSTITIA are
  • To make aware the citizens of their constitutional and lawful rights and liabilities.
  • To prevent the enactment of laws which are immoral and against humanity and to support virtual legislation
  • Lawful fight against the violation of human rights.
  • To fight against social injustice and against torture.
  • Initiating legal actions or participating impending cases which are having public interest or involving human issues.
  • To conduct fact finding enquiry, submit proper recommendations and instructions in social issues or other issues having public interest.
  • Proper Interfere in factual or legal issues and disputes among individuals or organizations as an when required and to try for amicable settlement.
  • To provide free legal aid to backward and other downtrodden societies for securing their deserving rights.
  • To conduct legal awareness classes and seminars to th epublic.
  • To introduce and implement programs and plans for the progress and upliftment of lawyers upholding moral values.
  • To facilitate and provide legal aid to the reasonable claims of persons, institutions and unions.
  • To work, co-operate and support other groups for achieving the above goals.

Allied Organisation

JUSTITIA Associates : Justitia associates is a law students organization. It is feeder organization of Justitia.
Justitia women wing : Justitia women wing is women advocates organization.
Legal Aid Clinic

Justitia legal aid clinic provides free legal aid and advice for those who are not able to meet the legal expenses in fighting for legal rights.

LLB Entrance Coaching

Justitia conducts entrance coaching for preparation of LLB entrance examinations in every year ins different place in Kerala. It mainly focuses to bring the marginalized minority and backward people to the legal field.

Magistrate Coaching

Justitia conducts entrance coaching for preparation of magistrate test in every year